OmniPort is located on a 1,200 acre tract (the “Site”) near the intersection of FM 823 and Texas State Highway 73 near Port Arthur, TX. The Site was formerly home to the Equistar Chemical Plant, which was in operation from 1951 to 2001.

Construction of OmniPort began in January 2011. Since that time, management has been able to grow and develop the facility into a multi-modal crude, chemicals, refined products and bulk solids facility capable of moving commodities by rail, barge, ship, pipeline and truck.

railroad track

Continued Development

Since its inception in 2010, Golden Triangle Properties(GTP) has made significant progress in transforming GTOmniPort from a strategically-located development property into a one of a kind multi-modal logistics hub for any business with a strong demand for bulk liquid and bulk solid transloading capacity. To develop GT OmniPort’s logistics infrastructure, GTP partnered with GT Logistics (GTL).

GTL is a partnership with Howard Energy Partners, and the Legacy GTL founders. Phase I of GTL’s development involved the construction and integration of rail services at OmniPort, and was completed in early 2012. Phase II of development focused on the initiation of crude transloading operations, development of its onsite barge facility (the “Barge Terminal”) and linking OmniPort’s rail operations to the Barge Terminal via pipeline.



Phase I

Operation: Rail Infrastructure Build-out

  • Over 8 miles of track.
  • 2 locomotives capable of receiving all types of trains at OmniPort property line.
  • Substantial rail car storage.

Status: Operational 2012

Phase II

Operation: Rail Unloading/Loading Build-out

  • Ability to receive crude and other products by rail and deliver to regional customers.

Status: Operational 2012

Phase III

Operation: Barge Dock Build-out

  • Construction of Barge Terminal and installation of pipelines connecting GT rail operations to Barge Terminal.

Status: Operational 2012

Phase IV

Operation: Crude and Products Storage

  • Construction of onsite tankage creating flexibility for customer needs.
  • Tanks outfitted with mixing capabilities.

Status: Operational 2012

Phase V

Operation: Pipeline Connection To regional pipelines and facilities

  • Addition of pipeline connectivity to area refineries and storage facilities to enhance customer ability to receive crude from Omniport.
  • Pipeline connectivity possible at minimal cost.

Status: Operational 2016

Phase VI

Operation: Refined Product Exporting

  • Connection of GT’s deepwater site to OmniPort via pipeline, allowing vessel import/export of crude and refined products.

Status: Under Construction

Timing: March 2017

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