Barge Docks

OmniPort’s Barge Terminal Is Capable Of Handling Four Barges At Once

The Barge Terminal is located on the southeast corner of the OmniPort site and has access to 2,500 feet of barge marshalling frontage.  The Barge Terminal is equipped to provide liquids loading and unloading services for up to six barges simultaneously.

The Barge Terminal has operational pipeline connectivity with OmniPort’s transloading operations and storage tanks, which allows for streamlined transmission of crude and products from railcars to barge to regional refineries.

Unlike other barge facilities in the Port Arthur area, the Barge Terminal is licensed to operate 24 hours a day, which provides its customers additional flexibility on timing and delivery method for their volumes.  The Barge Terminal is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to pump 6,400 barrels per hour.

Barge Terminal


Volume Capacity
Permitted: 100,000 Bbls/d, Operational: 6,400 Bbls/hr
Loading/Unloading Ability
4 Barges At Once
Total Frontage
2,500 Feet
Permitted Operation Time
24 Hours/Day
Taylor's Bayou Depth
15 Feet
Taylor's Bayou Width
350 Feet
Distance From ICW
1.5 Miles
Barge at a dock
Barge at a dock
Barge at sea

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