Bird's eye view of property

Real Estate

At 1,200 acres, GT OmniPort represents one of the Gulf Coast's largest multi-modal heavy industrial business parks. To compliments its size GT OmniPort also possess characteristics that allow for the rapid development of greenfield projects. Specifically, project development will be expedited by:

  1. An Industrial Management District for the entire site.
  2. Single Source Petition with TCEQ
  3. Reciprocal Easement Agreements
  4. Hurricane Protection Levee
  5. LNVA Canal
  6. Existing Permits for:
    • Storage Tanks
    • Barge Docks
    • Ship Docks
    • Rail Loading and Unloading racks

The entire site can be served by rail, truck and pipeline and has access to barge and vessel docks.

The site can be divided into tracts as small as 25 acres.

Map of terminal

Pipeline Infrastructure Presents Attractive Connectivity Options

Map of terminal

The GT Omniport site is adjacent to 100's of pipelines ranging from:

  1. Crude
  2. Natural Gas
  3. Refined Products
  4. Olefins
  5. Derivative Products
  6. Industrial Gases
  7. NGL's
  8. Etc

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