Rail Services

OmniPort's 100,000 Bbls/d rail operations consist of over 15 miles of rail track directly serviced by both UP and BNSF, with no short-line railroad between the Facility and UP and BNSF's service.

The rail can be loaded or unloaded directly to/from barge, pipeline, truck, and tank. The robust pumping system is capable of handling crude products with an API gravity ranging from 14 to 55 without heat, and 8 to 14 API with steam.

Rail Car Storage
Over 15 miles of track
2 locomotives capable of receiving all types of trains at GT OmniPort's property line
Substantial rail car storage (500+ cars)
Rail Facility Capacity
Gt OmniPort has received 4 unit trains (100 cars/Unit) at one time within the facility
Crude Unloading Specifications
15 to 55 API without steam
8 to 14 API with stream
Capacity of 100,000 Bbls/d Permitted
Capacity of 158,000 Bbls/d Operational
Significant rail unloading capacity allows offtake to Barge Terminal and onsite storage.
100 car unloading stations capable of receiving up to 500 cars at one time; ability to turn a 150 car train within 24 hours of arrival.
Rail Car Heating System
Two 650 HP steam generators
6 hour hearing time per rail car (assumes) 40℉
50 rail car heating simultaneously
Intracoastal Barge
TxDOT Higway
Multiple area pipelines (crude, refined product, olefins, industral gases, natural gas, ...)
Deep-water (42' draft)
Twin 16” pipelines providing connectivity to GT OmniPort’s Barge Terminal
Direct access to Union Pacific (“UP”) and BNSF
Accessible to Highways 73 & 82
Accessible to Taylor Bayou
Pipeline connectivity to deep water dock
Pipeline connectivity to local chemical plants, colonial, & refineries
Railroad curving to the left
Rails and trains
Rails and trains from birds eye view
Train with sunset behind it

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