In Texas, Confidence that Tar Sands Crude Will Find a Way to the Gulf

In Texas, Confidence that Tar Sands Crude Will Find a Way to the Gulf

GT Logistics, LLC (GTL) announced today that it began installation of rail lines at its Port Arthur, TX-located OmniPort. The OmniPort is expected to open for business in January 2012, serving as a multi-modal terminal for crude oil and other products transported via rail, ship, barge and truck.

The $95 million, 1,100 acre facility neighbors refineries with over one million barrels per day of capacity, multiple chemical and processing plants and is located less than one mile from over four million barrels of petroleum product storage capacity and pipelines currently serving the region.

“As the developer and operator of the entire scope of infrastructure, GT Logistics will be uniquely positioned to provide customers with increased transportation options”, said Steven Birdwell, Chairman, GTL. “Customer service will be a key component of our success; instead of product sitting for days at remote locations, we’ll be able to transport to the industry in the region in a matter of hours. It’s unprecedented one-stop logistics.”

The rail terminal, served by Union Pacific, will be able to receive unit train traffic, with 300 acres of rail car storage on site capable, upon completion, of storing, switching and transloading over 1,000 rail cars. The rail terminal site also features a multi-barge receiving dock on Taylor’s Bayou; convenient access to Highway 73 and Interstate 10; and connectivity to the extensive network of pipelines serving the region.

“Union Pacific and OmniPort will bring new, innovative transportation solutions for energy companies located along the Gulf Coast and we look forward to providing reliable, efficient rail service to meet their needs,” said Sam Calabro, AVP Chemicals Union Pacific Railroad.

GTL also owns and operates a 20-acre deepwater dock and receiving facility on the Sabine Neches Navigation District Channel with over 900 feet of steel bulkhead improvements and 1,700 feet of waterfront access to the 42-foot-deep Channel. The deepwater dock is 2.2 miles from the new industrial rail park and terminal and is connected by a key Union Pacific rail line and highway. Pipeline connectivity between the sites is being designed. Together, the two sites will be known as the GT Omniport and will be the first multi-user facility of its kind in the Golden Triangle region.

Timothy DeSpain, GTL principal and President said, "This is one of the nation's largest projects of its kind in size and scope. The potential for exports of oil and refined products produced in the United States and the changing shipping landscape associated with the expansion of the Panama Canal make the GT OmniPort an attractive transportation hub in the international markets. We are eager to see the positive economic impact our operations will have on the economy.”

Construction of the initial phase of the rail, drainage and road improvements began earlier in the year and will be completed by the end of 2011. Once complete the industrial rail park and related tenant improvements are expected to create 1,000 jobs and $100 million in new capital investment over the next 10 years.

About GT Logistics LLC

GT Logistics LLC is the designer, developer and operator of the the GT OmniPort in Port Arthur, Texas, a multi-modal industrial park and liquids terminal offering rail, barge, truck, pipeline and deepwater ship transloading services to tenants and owners of facilities at its 1,100 acre rail and barge terminal and its 20 acre deepwater dock. For more information, please visit


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