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OmniPort's 100,000 Bbls/d rail operations consist of over 15 miles of rail track directly serviced by both UP and BNSF, with no short-line railroad between the Facility and UP and BNSF's service.


OmniPort has over 8 miles of rail infrastructure with existing storage tracks capable of storing up to 305 railcars. GT plans to expand the Facility’s storage capacity to over 1,200 railcars once all phases of rail development have been completed.


The Barge Terminal is located on the southeast corner of the OmniPort site and has access to 2,500 feet of barge marshalling frontage. The Barge Terminal is equipped to provide liquids loading and unloading services for up to four barges at a time.

Deep Water

GT OmniPort has ship and barge loading and unloading capabilities for vessels ranging from IntraCoastal Barges to Aframax ships. Currently 4 barge docks are in service, with the capacity to build seven additional berths.


Given the size and scope of the Port Arthur refining complex, OmniPort is situated in close proximity to a vast network of existing pipeline infrastructure. There are a number of large regional and national pipelines in close proximity to OmniPort, including the CHOPS...


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